27 May 2005

The Word on the Web

Recently I've been taking some time to see what online courses are available on the Web. Lots are not much more than easy Bible studies, others are more academic but can be expensive.
One online source that is worthwhile is also free. Every Christian's computer should have a Bible program on it. The one I use is called "e-sw0rd." Go to their website at www.e-sword.net. You can download the base program and then choose the Bible versions and other helps you want. The only problem is that you can not get New International Version through this site. But the version the Missouri Synod's Commission on Worship has selected for the new hymnal, the English Standard Version, is a choice. I use the God's Word version for preaching and personal study.
Download these materials and use them. We Lutheran Christians say that we love the Word of God. We honor it. So we need to use it the Word. Take some time to read it, take time to explore the Old Testament.
Honestly, there are times when I wonder if we take the Bible seriously or not. Yes, we say that we honor it but it is time for us to actually use the Word of God, the Word we call errorless or inerrant.
The Scriptures are on the web and you can find more resources on the web. Use those resources, allow the Word to work in your hearts and let them guide your lives. It's all there in the Word on the Web.
Doc Steve


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