13 April 2005

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It always interests me how much things change. At the course I am teaching at Concordia, AnnArbor, MI tonight, I used a DVD through my laptop computer. When I was a student in the same school back in 1974, the most we had was overhead projectors. Now I have a wireless network in my home.
The challenge for the Christian is that we have an eternal message but one that needs to be taught in new ways. No, technology is not a problem, but a means. Back in the 1930s there were those who wondered if radio was too "secular" to be a means of sharing the Gospel. When is technology a "god" in the sense that we put our fear and trust in it. Technology must be a servant of the errorless Word of God, not its master. Don't allow the means to be more important than the message. But use the technology, but do so with a sensitivity for those who find it frightening.
Please pray for your own Pastor. He feels the pressures of the society at large and pressures from his congregation. Pray that he will have the faith, wisdom and courage to do what is right.

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