23 April 2005

Family: What is God's Will?

Your Family is a gift of God.
Our God considered the family -- husband, wife, children -- so important to humanity that He gave it to us in the Garden of Eden, that is, before the Fall into Sin. This is why our God made the 4th Commandment the one about the family, and it is the first one with a blessing attached to it. The family is not just for Christians and Jews -- those who hold to the Old Testament, but for all of humanity. And every family in the world needs to be protected and supported in light of the Word of God.
Take a look at the plague of divorce now sweeping our nation. The Bible gives reasons for divorce to protect the family, to protect children and adults. What is interesting are the reasons not given, reasons oh so common today. We don't get along. We don't meet each others needs any longer. Or my favorite one from rabbinacal traditions, for burnt food. Yes, we all can find reasons to do what we really want to do. Oh, yes, it seems for many people, that divinely given reasons simply do not count.
Violence in the home, adultery, sexual abuse are all causes for divorce. These sins -- yes, they are sins in the sight of God -- have already broken the marriage bond. The first step in solving the marriage problems in any family is repentance. Repentance is taking sin seriously and honestly.
The family must be protected at all times. For the sake of children, the aged and infirm, yes. For the sake of everyone in the family and outside of the family. For the sake of our society. Family is the heart and root of our society. It is time for the Christian to reject the common idea that marriage is simply a piece of paper, and so on. By the way, all the research shows that living together before marriage actually harms marriage. This is the information not mentioned on the evening news "health" or "family" segments on local TV for all to hear. Strong marriages are built on a biblical base,. Built on God's purpose for all of humankind given in the Garden. A marriage dedicated to life-long service to each other, a marriage built on love and dedication to each other, just like our God intended it to be before the Fall. This is for everyone in the world, not just for Christians or Jews, but for everyone. And so if your neighbor is a Muslim, a Wiccan (look it up) or a happy pagan, pray for their marriage, for their family, and their needs. That is the will of God in this situation. Doc Steve


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